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SureSmile - Dr. Lin SureSmile - Dr. Bialkowski SureSmile - Dr. Tomasetti SureSmile Experts
We're proud to be the first doctors in the United States
to deliver the innovative SureSmile® technology.
It's just one more example of our ongoing commitment
to provide the finest orthodontic treatment and care
in Northeast Wisconsin.
SureSmile - Dr. Lin Dr. Lin SureSmile - Dr. Bialkowski Dr. Bialkowski SureSmile - Dr. Tomasetti Dr. Tomasetti
We believe in the best
care and technology

By combining state-of-the-art orthodontics with professional care and compassion,
we can deliver the results you want and the positive patient experience you deserve.
Our recognized expertise in SureSmile technology means you receive the highest-quality
orthodontic care available today. It's our dedicated doctors and patient-focused staff that
really generate more smiles per patient than you'll find anywhere. See how our unwavering
care and the latest technology go hand in hand to deliver amazing results.
Watch our SureSmile testimonials.
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